Latinx Game Night

Come play loteria and sing karaoke with fellow Latinx students virtually.

Gender Roles in Latinx Households

How many times have you heard los hombres no lloran y las mujeres se quedan en casa? Join us as we explore how gender roles at home can affect your […]

Getting the Vote and Your Voice Out

Professor Alicia Aguirre, City Council member and former Mayor of Redwood City, will lead a discussion of the importance of voting and ways to promote voting in your community. She […]

¡Te Pasas! Explorando Racismo

En observación del Día de los Pueblos Indígenas, únase a nosotros para una conversación sobre los temas del racismo, el colorismo y la opresión de nuestras comunidades indígenas en América […]

Testimonios de Nuestros Transfer Students

A student panel of various Latinx alumni who have transferred from Cañada. They will share their story and resources that aided their success.

Bridging the Gap from Art to Action: Contemporary Artists Share their Political Activism

Lauren Olivia Ruffin, JD, Co-Founder, Crux and former organizer at the Artist Campaign School! ( will lead a dynamic discussion of political and anti-racism art. Re-known artists Sheldon Scott:, Kristina Wong:, and Michelle Angela Ortiz: will share their […]

Foro Comunitario (forum)

Join us as we conclude Latinx Heritage Month and learn what Cañada College is doing to combat Anti-Blackness and support our students during COVID 19.